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What to Expect

Doctor Aggie Chart

Initial Parent Consultation

  • Meeting with Dr. Aggie & parent (or young adult) for 60 minutes

  • Learn about your child’s unique strengths and areas of growth

  • Learn about your child’s development, as well as behaviors, social skills, and emotional functioning

  • Provide you with a Plan of Action: Dr. Aggie will guide the family to decide if assessments and/or counseling services are warranted.


Assessment Process

  • Parent Interview & Completion of Rating Forms

  • Teacher Interview & Completion of Rating Forms

  • Observations

  • Evidence-based & Standardized Testing (1-2 days)

  • Feedback Session & Review of Report (1-2 hours)

  • Continuity of Psychological Treatment and Coordination 

    • Provide family with a list of referrals​

    • Monthly Team Meetings (via zoom)

    • Ongoing weekly consultations and supervision of multidisciplinary team care (in person and via zoom).

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